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February 9th, 2012, 08:50 AM
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my son who is almost 3 months seems to only go once a day lately first thing in the morning and fills his diaper. but what concerns me the most is he starts gas cramps in the middle of the night and grunts and groans til he passes gas and then wakes up between 5-7 grunting and groaning and by 8am he has his bowel movement. the only thing that seems to help him is sleeping on his tummy and the only way he will sleep longer then 2 hrs at night. this makes me nervous because everyone says he needs to be on his back and now that im transferring him from bassinet to crib where i cant see him this makes me nervous due to all the research about back sleeping. but he is most comfortable on his belly and is the only way he will stay in his crib. any suggestions?
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