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February 15th, 2012, 03:00 PM
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They say implatation bleeding is not very common but i got told by a health professional that it actually is. Everyone is different so implantation bleeding can and does vary from person to person so heres my story, hope this helps.

I was due my period on tues 17th jan, on monday 16th i spotted pinky/brown discharge late at night, on tues 17th i had a red inconsistant flow and filled one pad that i'd had on all day and that night it stopped.
The next two days (18th and 19th) i spotted abit bearly filling a pad, again it stopped in the night, then the last day (friday 20th) it was light brown watery CM.

My periods are like clock work and normally are very heavy the 1st two days, anyway on the 19th i had a reaction on a pregnancy test (very very faint) so i went to the doctors on the 20th where i tested negative, i still tested negative with 3 different brand tests two weeks after the bleed had stopped but i still wasnt convinced i wasnt pregnant.

Anyway 22days from the day i stopped bleeding on the 10th feb i tested positive. if i dint know my boby as well as i do i would of just thought that i had a dodgey light period but i just knew.
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