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February 21st, 2012, 04:21 AM
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I am currently in limbo, waiting to get a positive pregnancy result after having what i strongly believe is implantation bleeding on Friday. I was on the depo shots for about a year and a half, I decided to go on depo when the pill wasn't an option for me anymore. I had my last depo injection in September 2010. I missed my next scheduled depo in December 2010, as me and my partner would like another baby. Our daughter is 9-so yes big age gap there!,but feel the time is right.I didn't get my first period till nearly a year later in October 2011,and then bang on four weeks later in November my next one came.But then December,nothing,January nothing and now in February-13 weeks later and still waiting.I went to the doctor and had a full blood test last friday,the results of which I got today.all good,but my thyroid seems a little underactive,but could be due to having just had a viral cold.HOWEVER , of all days for a development to happen,on friday night i used the bathroom and was like waw finally my periods about to start,but then it didn't.i used a pad but it was so light it didnt even stain it,but there was a very light but not blood red liquid down there.I had implantation bleeding with my daughter so im really confident that this is what it it,it most definently wasnt anything like a period even a very light one-which i have never ever had,and by Saturday it had gone completly.So i've been googeling things like mad and have to wait a week atleast for a home test to accurately confirm things.This whole depo thing has been a nightmare, because as soon as I came off it i started experiencing side effects-sickness,dizzyness,fatigue and now having to play a waiting game is a nightmare,in the future i defenently wount be going back on it.
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