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February 24th, 2012, 12:39 AM
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Hi everybody so for the last 4 months i have gotton my period at the same time every month and it usely is very light and dark. well january i got it right one time and then my husband and i had sex maney time with out protection thanks to the birth control recall... anyway this month febuary i didnt get my period on time witch would been the start of the month and i was feeling very unconfortable but it was to early to test because i would be 4 weeks if i was prgnant but yesturday i had a light pink spoting and then over last night and today i bled heavey and dark red not brown red and when i peed this mornign it was very bloody im haveing reall bad cramps .. we have been trying for a baby and i just need to know what i need to know or do? HELP=(
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