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March 8th, 2012, 08:52 AM
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I'm Pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt silly putting my "symptoms" here earlier, but I thought I'd add them now that I know that they really were symptoms

O day: Cramps on left side, dull ache
3DPO: Couldn't finish my run bc I was so tired, felt very (TMI) wet all day, sore throat
4DPO: Felt wet all day again, sense of smell was CRAZZZY (TMI but I could smell myself and was very self conscious)
5DPO: Very wet still, sweet cravings all the time, felt like a bottomless pit, cramps, crazy sense of smell
6DPO: cramps, crazy sense of smell, "insane appetite", gas pains
7DPO: cramps, crazy sense of smell, gas pain, bloating, major appetite again
8DPO: same as day 7
9DPO: appeared as if symptoms went away, faint BFP that night
10DPO: BFP!!!

So excited!!
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