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March 21st, 2012, 05:57 AM
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Hi my bf and I have been ttc for 8 months and we are keeping hopes and prayers alive do send baby dust our way, here is what's taken place I have a very regular 30 day cycle and this month I had major ovulation pains on. CD20 and it is now CD 27 and I expect my period in 3 days but this morning I woke up to very watery cm n when I wiped it was pink so I put on a pad, last night I was just very hot to the touch for the pst week my breasts have pained me in a way that is different from Pam's they were heavy hot swollen and prickling in nipples. I guess I want to know when I should test if I ovulated and implanted late in my cycle my mother and sisters all got period their first few months so to speak so I'm optimistic just nervous for yet Another bfn any. I now have cramps that feel like I need up make a bowel movement I am praying for this and that my child is simply planting him bit herself as close to mommy as possible.
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