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March 29th, 2012, 01:08 PM
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Hello All: I am writing my story because I have spent every day for 6 months looking for hope from other people's experiences. So, now that I am blessed with a healthy baby boy, it is my turn to be thankful and keep the thread of hope alive for all of you.
After an early miscarriage, I was pregnant again and felt relieved after the first trimester passed without any event and finally felt happy enough to share the news with the world. But, right around 13 weeks, I started bleeding profusely one night and at the ER everyone, everyone except an elderly nurse, thought a miscarriage was imminent. The ultrasound showed, to everyone's surprise, the baby was moving fine, but I continued to bleed heavily - enough that they had to change my clothes and bed sheets despite I was wearing an over-night pad. We were asked to spend the entire night at the ER as they were still sure that I was about to have a miscarriage and late miscarriage would imply blood loss. By next morning the bleeding slowed, but was still there and the next ultrasound also showed that the baby was ok. That elderly nurse (I still believe she was my angel) told me that many years ago she had the same thing, everyone thought she didn't have the baby anymore. and 9 months later she had a healthy baby boy who now has his own kids. Her story gave me the ray of hope I desperately needed. Our doctor said this was SCH, explained that nothing we could do, just go about with our lives. Next day bleeding stopped after becoming brown, but came back the very next day. I and my husband were devastated.

At that point we tried to get an appointment with a specialist and I just managed to get a one-time appointment as he was full. After they did my ultrasound, he and his group found my case to be so serious, rare and academically interesting, that they took me in. Apparently I had one of the largest clots they had seen, and its shape was also unusual. I kept bleeding everyday, somedays bright red overflowing my clothes, other days dark brown. Worst were those days when I would not bleed at all for a day or two, and then the blood will come back.

Subdequesnt weekly visits, weeks 14-20 showed no improvements of the clot. This doctor had put me in strict bed rest - I was even scared to sneeze or laugh. He explained that scientifically there is no proof that bed rest makes a difference, but this was his opinion. It gave me some control over the situation, I could make sure that I don't move unless I was going to the bathroom.

The doctor explained that we were reaching a point where the baby was growing enough such that if the clot didn't dissolve, the clot would break the sack and the baby would not survive even if he was growing perfectly. In the mean time we have been visiting ER on days when I would bleed too much. And then came the 22nd week, and first sign that the clot was much smaller from 2 weeks ago. And by 24th week, it disappeared!

Despite all the other concerns about placenta privia, premature delivery, etc over the next 3 months, I went full term and delivered our first child.

So, whoever is reading my post out there, hang on to hope. Just be hopeful and optimistic - the body does wonders sometimes. I wish you the very best.
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