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April 14th, 2012, 07:47 PM
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Hey look! I ovulated!! I'm 3DPO!!

And I'm having symptoms, even if they are IPS at this point. First, I have been woken up twice while sleeping to pee. This is totally unusual for me - NEVER happens. And I'm peeing a lot during the day too - it's been more noticeable because our toilet handle broke so we've been using a jury rigged system DH noticed too. Second, cramps this morning. Third, and this isn't one I've heard about, but I'm having a lot of pressure between my legs - it actually hurts if I bring my legs too close together, and if I sleep on my side I need a pillow between my legs. It's totally crazy.

So yeah. My plan is to test starting on Sunday (the 22nd - 11DPO), and then every other day until the 26th and then every day until my period comes. We'll see. We both want this really badly.

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