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April 14th, 2012, 08:53 PM
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I have PCOS and ive had it for awhile i presume i was diagnosed 2 years ago in october. in may till the begining of june i was bleeding and just thought because i started a new method of birth control that it was normal and i wasn't told it was strange. I took a pregnancy test when i was done bleeding and found out that i was pregnant when i went to the doctor and told them about the bleeding they did a blood test and i then later that day found out i had misscarried. I don't have any children but wish i could i have 2 god sons that i love and a 3rd one on the way i am very happy for my bestfriend but istill wish that i could have my own. I didnt have any simptoms of a misscarrage no pain just bleeding bu im still completly devastated and i havn't expressed my feelings to anyine that i still fell this way I just wish i could have my own child.
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