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May 13th, 2012, 11:29 AM
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I have a question. In late February of this year I found out that I was expecting. This was on a Friday. Well I mad an appt to see the doctor for Tuesday morning and I started bleeding . From that poit on I had a bad feeling . So I went to the dr and she did A blood test and I waited until wednesday for the results .my doctor called to tell me I was pregnant but my hcg levels was extremely low so I would miscarry. I cried for hours ! She told me to still come in on Thursday for more blood work just to see if the levels would improve but that they would prolly read 0. So worried and upset I went in on Thursday and still bleeding I passed what I thought could have been my baby( I thought so . It was really a blood clot ) so I went to the emergency room . They did a urine test & it came out negative. So he sai that he wasn't sure I was pregnant. He said it could have been a miss pregnancy which the sperm attatched to the egg but don't attatch to the lining . Well he said he would have to talk to my doctor so he went and called her and came back and said he would have to see of my cervix was opened or not . It wouldn't tell me anything but if I had passed the baby. Well he sai that my lining was thick so I was deffently pregnant. So does that mean it was Misspregnancy or did it attatch to my lining and I lost it ? Either way I feel so lost. We are still trying but I would feel so much better of I has the answers I need . Can anyone help me ? Thanks . - Amanda
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