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May 22nd, 2012, 03:07 AM
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Hi, I had a MC early this year in Jan and havent been able to fall pregnant since... prior to this happening my husband and myself havent really been trying but since having the MC it made us determined to have a bub, We have been married for over a year and feel that we are in the right situation to raise a family.
This month I have had a missed period, which is very un common as I have a 28 day cycle that's pretty much spot on. I have had several HPT and they have all came back negative....even had a blood test and much to our dissapointment that was negative too. Doc suggests it maybe due to stress, but I dont feel stressed...Im waiting to see a gyno... Im feeling very fustrated now, Im trying not to think about it but we really want to have a baby.. we are very sexually active and have tried just about every silly myth in the bedroom( lots of laughs,I also follow the calculations of when I ovulate also. Just want to know is it possible that I willstill ovulate since I have had a missed period (7days late today??
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