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May 24th, 2012, 06:11 PM
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Hello I need HELP.Im going through hardships its my First Time Pregnancy and its all new dealing with the Pregnancy Symtoms.Whats worse is that my Doctor is so hopeless.My last periods was from the 12 of March 2012 till the 17 of March.I am so confused at the moment.I had sex with my Ex on the 18 of March while my Boyfriend was out of town.My Boyfriend and I had sex on the 23 of March when he got back and things felt apart I had sex again with my Ex on the 24 of March.My First scan was done on the 20 of April confirming I was 5 Weeks Pregnant then my Hopeless Doctor got me to scan again on the 10 of May it was confirmed Im 9 Weeks.Ever since that I havent been to the Doctor, I dont know my Due Date yet either Conception Date.Please HELP me.I NEED to make sure who the Father of my Child is.My Ex or my Boyfriend.
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