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May 28th, 2012, 06:37 AM
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Hello Everyone, maybe what I recently discovered could help some of you? Please read on :-)

I have just joined and I am from the UK -

Although right now I am not trying for children etc, I've been having problems myself (pelvic area) for a few years (I'm only 30) and made an interesting discovery recently. So I thought I'd share it with you all. Of course we are all different and one problem has a knock-on effect with something else in the body etc, so this may not apply to you...

I've had depression since 9 years old (absolutely awful, yes) and counselling etc hasn't really gone anywhere for me. A friend of mine who had been ill with a few things including depression mentioned a lady they knew - she specialises in Kinesiology. This is something the NHS in England do not recommend, but I thought to myself "So what, I should at least be open-minded and try something else as the NHS have offered me limited resources" so I went to her. After doing a lot of muscle-testing on me she came to the conclusion that I had Mercury Poisoning and it was coming from the silver fillings I had done when 8 or 9 years old...
So I took her advice and got the four of them removed and replaced with mercury-free composite ones. It wasn't cheap (600) but I must confess I am feeling quite different now. The dentist who removed them told me that one of the silver fillings hadn't even been done properly - and it just happened to be the filling that the Kinesiology lady thought was leaking mercury into my jaw, up into my head, and was roaming my bloodstream...
I went back to her two months later and, after taking some clay powder (mixed with water to break down the mercury in my body) she told me that the poisonous metal had now gone.

So recently.... I was told that given how long the mercury had been in my body, it had caused damage elsewhere. Apparently my levels of Progesterone and Dopamine are very low - I have had wierd irregular periods since I was a teenager, plus plenty of pelvic pains, ovarian cysts and now have a polyp in my uterus. Of course it's easy to blame it all on something, but after reading just what mercury can do to the body... it is pretty scary I must say. I am now on folic acid pills, 5-HTP, vitamin B12, magnesium potassium and some homeopathic progesterone to encourage my body to get back to normal levels of various chemicals.

My doctor told me that if I do want to get pregnant, it will be tricky with this polyp I have, I will get checked by a gyneocologist soon.

I know all this seems extreme and far-fetched, but mercury is very poisonous and should not be in the body. I'm so glad I went to a clinical kinesiologist - I think I would have been struggling for the rest of my life (my depression previously lead me to suicide thoughts twice for example) Anti-depressants, counselling, CBT are not really going to compete with the mercury that was previously circulating my body, and possibly interfering with various organs/natural chemicals.

So if you are having problems with fertility and so on and you happen to have mercury fillings, for goodness sake get them taken out. You never know it could be causing havoc with your body.

I hope this has helped some of you!
Best wishes,
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