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June 27th, 2012, 02:45 PM
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Many thanks to everyone for their information and stories. Thanks also to JustMommies for a bit of hopeful information - that by 20 weeks we should be past danger...
I am now 12 weeks pregnant with my fourth, and the difficulties took me totally by surprise. I've been bleeding since 6 weeks, I found out a couple of weeks ago that I have probably recently had a CMV infection, and incidentally, I've felt more nauseous and dizzy this pregnancy than with any of the others (just shows what an easy life I had until now - the worst problem before was perineal varicose veins).
The bleeding wasn't very large, but the hematoma is rather, it's sitting all the way around the pregnancy sac plus it grew over the past 3 weeks.
What I'd love to know is - am I really supposed to rest? Does it actually help? When can I feel secure enough not to anymore?
The doctor told me to rest for a week or until the bleeding stops, but i feel scared to go back to work until I know my pregnancy is safe...
If anyone out there has some useful information - please tell me!!
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