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July 1st, 2012, 09:18 AM
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CD 28, 13 DPO, Cycle #1

Well, this cycle appears to be a bust. My temp dropped dramatically upon testing this morning, and as expected, I got a BFN when I tested.

AF hasn't arrived yet, but I expect her to in the next day or so now. My temp is still above the coverline, BARELY, but being 13 DPO means it's not too early to see the 2nd line, and there was nothing. I did upload the pic to Photobucket, but for some reason my phone takes HORRIBLE up-close pictures so it came out really blurry. And, I don't know how to inverse the colors. I've included the pic here, but it's almost not even worth looking at it's so blurry.

I'm really happy to know that I may be having multiple days of cramps for no reason now, as well. I've never had that happen before, and I guess having them on CD 1 isn't enough anymore. :-\ Sorry, the cynacism is rampant in my house right now.

Well, here's on to another cycle... :-\ And GL to everyone still in their 2WW!


Me: 41 (almost), DH: 44 (He has a 15-year-old from a previous marriage)
I'm a Type 1 diabetic (27 years and counting), and I've had gastric bypass (Dec, 2013 - currently 5 lbs away from goal weight)

Started with an RE on 7/23/2014 and so far:

SA came back with 44 million, 27.3% alive
Fibroids present, endometriosis suspected
HSG normal - both tubes open

Cycle 1: August, 2014 - Unsuccessful

Cycle 2: September, 2014 - Chemical Pregnancy

Cycle 3: October, 2014 - Failed IUI

Cycle 4: November, 2014 - IUI (currently in the 2WW)

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