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July 22nd, 2012, 10:37 AM
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Hi Everyone

I am not able to come to one conclusion, where I am pregnant or not ?

I got married on Oct 2008 on December 2008 I got conceived but in Jan I got miscarriage. Later I got a chemical pregnancy and after that I meet with an accident and we did not tried for kind after that. But on Aug 2010 we thought of planning for kinds but I had some medical issues. And my doctor suggested going for laparoscopy.

I had my laparoscopy on March 5th 2012 and after that I did not get my periods but on May 14th 2012 I got my periods which was for 7days. After that I got my next period on 14th June 2012. On July 14th 2012 I did not get my periods I have waited for two days and thought of doing home pregnancy test but the test came negative. On 18th July 2012 I have sight bleeding, it was not as my regular period, I was worried up and we have visited to a gynecologist near by to my house (As my gynecologist was out of station) and she has scanned and said that I am not pregnant and said me to go for a blood test for my LHS and FSH, but we did not visited again. The bleeding was till half day of 19th July (next day). There it has stopped But I have lower back pain, my breast are so soft which I never had. I feel my body is heated up very much and I am too much hungry these days too.

On July 20th 2012 I had a white thick color thing coming from my private part. I am not understanding what happen to me.

1. I am I pregnant or not ?
2. If I am pregnant when is the ideal time to do the home pregnancy test ?
3. If I am pregnant when is the ideal time to visit my Gynecologist ?

Please replay me .:-(

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