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July 24th, 2012, 08:50 PM
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Can someone help me out. I am 29 and I had the mirena in and was having pregnancy like symptoms.. My breasts are sore and look bigger I have been nauseous been tired a lot lately ..and am more hungry than ever recently with weird cravings .. I took 2 hpts and both were negative .. I thought they may be wrong so I had a blood test done and that was also negative .. But I feel boyfriend doesn't think I am as he has been tested and was told he has a low sperm count.. I am very fertile as told by my dr as I have 2 girls already and got pregnant very quickly with them.. Could I possibly be pregnant also my mirena has fallen out and I am spotting and my boyfriend and I were also intimate after it fell out as well.. Someone please give me some advise ?
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