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August 1st, 2012, 03:40 PM
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So I never got to ask my midwife...they asked someone else and she said not to decrease my dose but I did it anyway last night. I cut it into thirds and put one in last night. This morning getting up was a little rough and I've had some very very mild nausea but it's a lot better then feeling like I can't eat anything for fear of it coming back up. I have had a headache at the base of my neck so I picked up some Tension Headache Relief today (Acetaminophen w/Caffeine) and it's taking the edge off. I also picked up my Zofran today. I'm a little worried about side effects with the Zofran. It says it can cause dizziness and drowsiness. I really don't want to feel dizzy or drowsy. I may end up not taking it. But hey, Tricare gave it to me for free so I'm not too worried about it if I end up not taking it.

I picked up some Vitafusion prenatal gummies to take instead of these other prenatal vitamins I have. I really just dont want to take 3 pills a day. It's just way too much for me, and if I just supplement the folic acid with natural foods that include folate/folic acid, I'll be good.

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