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August 7th, 2012, 11:01 AM
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hi im 22 years old i had my period last month around the second week of the month (july) and after my period i made love with my boyfriend a week after my period. and on the fourth week my breasts are sore and im having light cramps then i took a pregnancy test it's negative.the next day (morning) ii wiped my private part and there's blood, a small amount of blood then the whole day it became heavy bleeding until 3 days, which i usually have 5 days of period, then it went away and i had brown discharge then today when i woke up there's a little bloob in my underwear then i washed mine and put a pad then after a few hours there's no blood in my pad but then i wiped it and there's a blood again not in my pad but in th tissue that i wiped. Im worried i dont want to get pregnant yet, i still want to fulfill my dreams and my nursing career, im still young and wants to help my mom and dad before i have a family. please help me. ='(( i've been stress for the last month coz of work and relationship with my boyfriend , i dont know what to do now. your comment will be much appreciated.
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