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August 17th, 2012, 09:54 AM
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I'm with Rachel.

When I was in trouble as a kid, no one cared if I might resent my parents (and really, if you didn't resent your parents at least once, you were either an angel, or your parents never punished you).. I was punished and punished hard. I was actually a pretty good kid, but I still got punished on a regular basis, sometimes as long as a month with no tv, no phone, and no social life.. period.

MA Cycle #4 - 5 mg Femara. Cd12 Follicle Check/Trigger.
TI w/Instead Cups, Progesterone and Lovonox.
May 6th- bfp @ 10dpo ended in a Chemical Pregnancy May 15th @5w1dMe: Hashi's, PCOS,Multiple miscarriages
Him: MFI low count, low morphology, low motillity Vitamins started August 2nd.

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