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August 20th, 2012, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Mrs.Ameretsu View Post
I'm kinda pissed reading these, I always thought pregnancy tests were nearly 100% acurate and now I'm finding out that its not even close! I took one test after being nearly 2 weeks late from my local pharmacy (14 freaking dollars for a single test that was store not even name brand) It didn't tell me how much (or how long) I had to pee on the stick but made sure to warn me "too much or too little could cause false results". I had to hold it a certain way. The instructions were just confusing and (embarrasingly) because I held it in so long I actually urinated over the entire stick and not just the paper bit at the end... It came out positive but I'm not even sure I did it right, I didnt take a first morning one it was mid afternoon but I dont urinate very often and I held it for hours hoping to get as clear a result as possible. The line was nearly invisible and my fiance couldn't even read it right. But I figured, it was right because hey, its nearly 100% percent accurate! Well guess not.. I suppose I will be going to a doctor to get a blood test. Hopefully I can pay for it.
Not to be rude, but why try to get pregnant when complaining about the cost of the test and the cost of paying for a blood test? 2 very minimal expenses compared to the expense of raising a child.

Nothing is 100%, no need to get pissed about stories of false positives and an article about false positives, of course they do happen sometimes, but 1000's of women get pregnant and use HPT to accurately confirm pregnancy. I think a lot of times women jump the gun, either testing too early, or making mistakes in testing, just as the article outlines. I took a test last week on Thursday and it was negative - my period wasn't due til Saturday. No period, tested on Sunday evening and it was positive. Be patient ... you're just going to get more frustrated and annoyed if you keep trying over and over again hoping for different results and not getting them.

Anyway, you can also pee in a clean dry cup, and stick the test tip in the urine instead of streaming all over the place. Usually the instructions indicate this, and typically you hold it in the urine for 5 seconds (of course ... it depends on the brand, but I have used 3-5 different brands and all the instructions were about the same).
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