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September 1st, 2012, 06:04 PM
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Hello! I want to share my story!

I was 58 days late and all pregnancy test came up negative (yes, I took a ton of hpt!). My doctor did blood work and everything was fine. There was a small cyst found during an ultrasound, but my doctor didn't think that was causing the irregular period. On major change had changed from my first baby 2.5. years prior to that point: my weight. I am currently working to loose 25-30 pounds so that my body will be ready for baby #2. My period actually came on day 60 with out the use of provera (my doctor had just prescribed it the previous day) My doctor has also suggested that I take metformin to help with ovulation and balance out my glucose/sugar level. There could also be a bit of PCOS going on too, but I am going to work on weight and stress level.

So, if you're late and the hpt are negative, please see a doctor to see what's going on!
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