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September 2nd, 2012, 01:19 PM
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hi. i just signed up today to ask this question. i am 31, two weeks late as well but i never missed a period in my life. i had sexual contact (no penetration though) on july 19th and had my normal period around 3-4 days later. i travelled 2 weeks after that for a couple of weeks and i read that travel or jetlag could cause period delays. i was outside the country i live in (+5 hours time zone diff) when i was expecting my period. i had just a little bleeding around the day i was expecting my period and i thought it started but it suddenly stopped the same day. i know there is very little probability that i could get pregnant but it's not entirely impossible isn't it? i did take an hpt and it came out negative. i'm now waiting another week to test again.

i've been feeling a bit nauseous and there's been egg yolk-like vaginal discharge from the past couple of weeks. i've also been feeling pain in my lower right abdomen and have headaches every now and then. i don't vomit/feel like vomiting but i feel like i want to gag after eating sometimes and feel bloated.

the only thing that keeps me from going to the doctor is that i am currently living in the middle east and getting pregnant outside marriage here could land me in jail. if i only hadn't missed a period i'd go to the doctor in a heartbeat. i don't mind getting pregnant because i could choose to quit my job and leave the country to have my baby but i'm more concerned that i have some infection or illness that i couldn't identify because i can't have a medical check up.

i can't really fly home to get checked because i just got back from a vacation two weeks ago. i might be able to have another vacation (if the boss allows it) at the end of october. do you think it's safe to wait that long?

how possible is it that i'm pregnant? if so, should i risk a visit to the doctor? please help me
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