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September 5th, 2012, 11:54 PM
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My cycle started at 11 august. I had unprotected intercorse with 18,19 and 22 and also in 27 august(my cycle is 28 days). I made a home pragnancy test at morning with 4 september, and it showed a very faint line. I made again, yesterday with 5 september in morning, and the line (i can see the color of the line) showed again and evidently more visible then of the the other day,but still faint. And also i made the test tomorow and there is a line again is not like the control line but it is very visible, and colored. I have a stomac pain not so much but some ours i have that pain. and after i rest it disepirs. it is not a big pain but i can feel it. and also i have breast pain.
Am i pragnant?
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