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September 9th, 2012, 01:01 PM
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I had, it would just be too complicated since while I'm on the road I have certain obligations to DH as well since he works 12 hrs a day 7 days a week for months at a time. If I don't go, he will live in a hotel and eat take out (which the company pays for). If I was to go and have a from home job, I'd have to get an apartment, and you can't always find short term leases. And since we already pay rent back home in WI, I don't want to get stuck in a second (or third, or fourth) lease. kwim?

I also doubt I have the resolve to work at home. I'm a pretty good multi tasker, but that can be a detriment since I'd be working from one computer, and probably hitting up FB on another, or reading a book on my kindle. I mean, I can do all these things while working, been doing it for years (worked Call centers from 2005 until I got laid of in 2010)... but it'd just get worse with out someone watching me. LOL.
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