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September 12th, 2012, 01:10 PM
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The shoulder dystocia section ought to read "one possible scenario is that your doctor may have to spring into action and give you an emergency episiotomy.." Another possible scenario, as occurred in my homebirth with a midwife team and subsequent 10 pound 2 oz daughter, is that you will be asked to move into a certain position so the baby may pop out easier. Once my daughter's head was out, my midwife did use an urgent tone and asked me to leave the birthing tub and moved me into just the right position that the baby popped out like a little pea out of a pod, no episiotomy, no breaking of baby bones, no pain even! The midwife really showed her stuff right then, at that moment. I'm beyond glad that I didn't have my child in a hospital where their only protocol is the weird way out, with knives and barbaric bone breaking. This article is must misinforming the masses. Do better homework before writing.
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