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September 26th, 2012, 12:28 PM
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I'm standing my the opks. I suspect it was just left overs. I don't react like most to semen, I get massive amounts of thick slippery cm that's very stretchy every.single.time.we.dtd. Doesn't matter what part in my cycle. It's not fertile, it's my body going "holy hell man the battleships and attack!!!" The result is the discharge. It's been happening since I was 16, and it only takes coming into contact with precum to get it. Same quantity of goo. I had some the cycle of my chemical, so it's obviously not freaking fertile cm!

Off my horse now, I'm just cranky. And cold, and those two things do not make for a happy person!!
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May 6th- bfp @ 10dpo ended in a Chemical Pregnancy May 15th @5w1d

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