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September 28th, 2012, 07:22 AM
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CD 30- 12 DPO. If I didn't know when I O'd I would think I was late, but tomorrow is the last day of this cycle and then my husband and I can start fresh again!

I tested this morning with FMU and it was another bfn. Oh well. I knew it didn't happen this month. My husband wants to try harder this next month. He is telling me he wants to have more sex and he is even taking the multi-vitamins we bought him awhile back. I am happy about still trying, just being low-key over it! Usually I let him decide what our plan is for the month when it comes to TTC and we discuss it.

When I ask him why he says he just wants to see what will happen, he says he just doesn't want me to get all worked up trying and get heartbroken over it every month. I feel good about that because I need to do more than just obsess over TTC. I have lots of things I could do.

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