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September 30th, 2012, 04:44 PM
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hi all this is my first time on one of these sights just reading some of your comments all interesting. i have had pcos which dr put me on clomid and my cycle went back to normal so i stopped taking them ages ago an my period has been on 28 day cycle and hasnt changed untill now please help....... however i do have a question though my husband and I have being ttc for over 2 years now and still no success this is what has happened. i got my period on the 3rd sept 2012 like usual on 28 day cycle light to medium to heavyish normal cycle for me usualy.... it say's i ovulated around the 11th to the 17th my husband an I did tango on the 12th, 14th, & 16th of my fertile days so come ovulation day there should be ample of time to conceive... now here comes the confusing part for me cause im sure its never happened this way before the day after i ovulated my nipples got really sensitive the next day i had tender breasts the sensitive nipples lasted roughfuly 3 or so days and the tenderish breasts lasted up until the 21st and now not really sensitive at all bearing in mind that im not actually due for a period untill today 1st oct today no show of coruse because i think ive allready had my cycle early... now on the 24th of sept i started spotting i thought ok i must be getting my cycle today one week early now i have had very light period it was brownish in color as if I was on the ending of my cycle that type of color that lasted till the 29th oh an when i wiped it was red or light red in color but id have to go in little deeper to get this hmmmmm i am rather confused i do not know if that whats is called implantation bleeding or if it was just an early cycle i did test hpt on the 25th sept neg and also done one on the 27th neg am i just wishfully thinking or could there be a possibility that i could be pregnant and i've tested way too early please help........ we have been trying for so long and this baby would be such a blessing for us
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