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October 4th, 2012, 07:31 AM
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I lost my first baby girl back in 2009 at 23 weeks gestation due to cervical incompetence. After that we tried to get pregnant again for 2,5 years. Finally it happened and we were overwhelmed with joy. I knew that the doctors were going to put a cerclage on me so I can carry a full term baby this time. At 5 weeks I saw a little blood went to the ER where they told me I had a SH, big, about 5 cm. From that time on, my clot changed its size a couple of times, at one point it was 3 cm, and at the end it was 7 cm. I was spotting all the time and had 3 big gushes of blood throughout the pregnancy. My doctor did an ultrasound every single week and the baby was fine and had a strong heartbeat. At 17 weeks I passed a big clot ( plum size), rushed to the clinic, the baby again was fine, they told me to monitor my bleeding and if it will be more than one pad an hour, to come. I never had pain or cramps, just bleeding, but not heavy. On september 30th, which was my 30th birthday, I passed another clot. Then, after few hours I felt something is wrong, I thought I might have contractions, so we rushed to the hospital. At the hospital my contractions were strong and every 2-3 minutes. I passed many plum sized blood clots and delivered my baby girl. I was 18 weeks into my pregnancy. I was on a bed rest from the moment I learned I had hematoma. No lifting, no cooking, nothing, very stricted bed rest. My ob never put me on bed rest, it was my choice and instinct. But there was no improvement. At 16 weeks I went to see another doctor, a specialist, who accepts only high risk pregnancies to discuss my cerclage situation and he told me that they can't stitch me due to the hematoma, but he also told me that bed rest doesn't really help. He told me to start walking so the blood clot with the gravitation will come out faster than waiting for it to absorb. I listened to him, I slowly started to get out of the house, but nothing big, just went to the church and grocery shopping a few times. ( my husband was carrying the bags not me). I walked very slowly and carefully. But after 2 weeks I went into labor. My heart is broken, I regret getting up, not staying on bed rest. Now I have 2 baby girls in heaven and I don't want to try ever again to have a baby.
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