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October 9th, 2012, 11:13 PM
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We aren't even sure right now if they will even cover him on my insurance. Their rules are if the spouse's company offers insurance, that you have to take that option. His company does offer insurance, but since he's contract with no guarantee of work I'm hoping they'll consider him not having any. His job's stuff sucks (nothing special, just basic appointments, no ER coverage, no lab work, no xrays etc), while mine is actually pretty good.

I also have to decide if we care about mat leave or not. If we get pregnant before January I can't take paid mat leave... but I don't intend on going back after baby anyway.. so I'm not sure what to do..

We have also come to the conclusion our apartment is making him sick... We suspect its the carpets or his chair.. so I need to get something better to cover the recliner so nothing ever comes back through onto him. If that doesn't fix it, then that just cements that we're moving next summer. We will get all flooring in a place if we have to (which means sweeping 2x a day minimum).
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