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October 18th, 2012, 12:46 PM
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Hi i'm new to the site. 2year ago now i had my little girl, but before i found out i was pregnant,i had a light spotting of blood and that was it i took 2tests at 4th day late and took one 5th day late then took one on the 6th and said postive. Now i stopped my pill 2months ago and had 2 29day cycles.even thought when i was on my pill i was 28day cycle. And was suppose to have my period on the 12th of October and now i'm a Week late. I have done 2 tests one on the 3rd day late and one on the 5th day late and both negative and the one on the 5th day was a clearblue digital. I have doctors tomorrow but i hate to think its going to be another negative. But me and my partner had intercouse on the 11day of my cycle and then lefted it one day and then done it on the 13th then so on to the 16th day. I have nipples like bullet tops lol and had a few little pain in my belly and down below. And been hungray and eating big portions. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME.
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