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October 22nd, 2012, 10:58 PM
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Oct 21,12 4th cycle Pre-TTC #2 CD 8

LAST POST (for awhile)

I am going to take a break from journaling on here til
my dh is ready to ttc. Take care of my daughter and work on
a more active lifestyle. If I get a mira bfp dh is ready to ttc
in those cases l will return. Be blessed.

so I had a talk with dh...
I am not saying right now is the best time for pregnancy ect.
I am asking him to just be open for God's timing if it is his
will for us to have a 2nd baby( whenever that is ) and he said
we will be praying that if he sends us another baby that he sends
provision and I said of course hubby. so new status from pre ttc
to ttc natural. I know for me...that things usually happen a lot
more when I do not keep a public journal....I guess I relax more
cause I am less aware or something. but neway I have a feeling
that one of my close friends on j.m. and also maybe in real life
is going to be getting their bfps....its an overwhelming feeling..
so much I could not sleep. (from 7am-8am ) I am exited for whoever
this person is or ladies are.

Going to go ahead and say Happy Early Holidays ladies!!!!

TTC# 2 (wanting to join Team Blue)Thankyou for my siggy Vicki !!!!!!

dec 21 4pm aaliyah movie lmndec 26 faster internet

nephews Charlie 6, Lorenzo 6
nieces Tamara 2, Arielle 9 months, Lillian 4 mos
************************************************** ************************
Jan Charlie 6 Lorenzo 6 Tamara 2, Arielle 10 months Lillian 5 months.Feb Charlie 6 Lorenzo 6 Tamara2,Arielle 11months Lillian 6 months
March Charlie 6 Lorenzo 6 Tamara 2 Arielle 1 ys old Lillian 7 mos
April Charlie 6 Lorenzo 6 Tamara 3,Arielle 1ys Lillian 8 mos
May Charlie 6 Lorenzo 6 Tamara 3 Arielle 1ys Lillian 9 mos
June my daughter turns 3,Charlie 6 lorenzo 6 Tamara3 Arielle 1 Lillian 10mos
July Charlie 6 lorenzo 6 Tamara 3 Arielle 1 Lillian 11 months
Aug Charlie 6 lorenzo 6 tamara 3 arielle 1ys old Lillian 1
Sept Charlie 7 Lorenzo 7 tamara 3 arielle 1ys Lillian 1ys

to get things like fertilityblend (check!
*We currently take Geritol. Check!
*Conceive Plus by Sasmar Check!
Welcome Womb(check!)
progesterone supplements

ClearBlue Fertility monitor and fertility monitor test strips by ClearBlue.
I am considering to buy that.
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feb 6,2014 200 posts
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