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October 25th, 2012, 06:29 PM
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Wondering if someone can help
I had unprotected sex about ten weeks ago and two weeks after I started getting pregnancy symptoms or implantation symptoms as they say, nausea,back ach. Tiredness and abdominal pain which lasted a week and a half then stopped, I was 5 days late for my period which came but wasn't normal i normally have it for 5 days but only lasted three and it wasn't normal but took a test and was negative! Then a week or two after I started getting really bad lower abdiminal pain for about a week then a little light spitting but again anourher negative test! Has sore nipples for about two weeks which I never get only ever got it when was pregnant with my first also whit pinky spots around my nipples, but then no pregant symptoms till this last week, I feel so tired all the time which isn't normal for me! I feel nausea of certain foods, I was ment to get my period again on the 16th but it's not the 25th and still no sign! I don't even feel like I'm going to come on when normally I do! Also have been feeling baby kicks in my tummy and flips, I only ever felt this feeling when I was pregnant with my first so I know it's not just gas cause it certainly doesn't feel like gas at all :s took a test today but was negative!

H x
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