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November 8th, 2012, 09:33 PM
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11/9/12 cd 25-11

well I have gotten 3 very faint positive preg test the first
two I was un sure but the 3rd yesterday very sure....
tried to take a pix of it....its a no go.
its not even an early preg test...its one of those test strips
that you are suppose to take the day of your missed period
or day after your missed period. af is due for me tomorrow...
if l am pregnant I do not want her to come @ all....
I do not even want to spot@ all... I just want a Strong pregnancy
if I am pregnant. I told dh yesterday and he said " I hope not,
I do not feel like stressing about that " it hurt sooooooooo bad
to hear him say that. I just mentioned something to him about this
again and he was negative with me again. I reminded him that we prayed that if it is God's Will for us to have a sibling for Jakaira
that he sends provisions with that child. I am going on total faith
(if I am) because I do not have any more preg tests Yet....
we took NO fertility Anything this cycle, I do not have any progesterone cream or prometrium(if I need it)....only Faith.
I am getting more tests this weekend cause I need to watch lines
get darker and all that fun stuff so we can know for sure,
make the best steps that we can to do our part and
on the fun side post pictures on here.
I am trying to be positive no matter the outcome.

p.s. i know my hubby wanted me to be@ healthy weight for baby
#2 Im not that...but I am 15 pounds lighter than I was when I had
gotten pregnant with Jakaira. (it counts for something)

I am working on getting a new doctor and new obgyn today...its a must and needing to go to obgyn sometime next week.

anyone who prays.... l could use all the prayer that I can get right now.
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Going to work on weight loss for now.

to get things like fertilityblend (check!
*We currently take Geritol. Check!
*Conceive Plus by Sasmar Check!
Welcome Womb(check!)
progesterone supplements

ClearBlue Fertility monitor and fertility monitor test strips by ClearBlue.
I am considering to buy that.
************************************************** ***************
What I want to buy my sister

4.towels,wash cloths
5.size 1 diapers,diaper wipes
6.handmits n socks n burp cloths
7.0-3 months clothes (winter/spring)
8.boppy pillow
9.head bands with flowers

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