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November 24th, 2012, 05:13 PM
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Well, being that he just turned 5 weeks old on Thanksgiving...I suppose it's time to post the story....I just haven't had any time lately; he's quite a handful! So here it is...

On Tuesday Nov. 16 I woke up at 3:30am with contractions....they were kind of sporadic but mostly about 10 minutes apart for an extended period of time. When I got out of bed that morning I started feeling a little better and went to work. Later that night around 6pm I started getting them first I thought maybe it was Braxton Hicks because I wasn't really sure what labor should feel husband wouldn't let me drive home so he came and picked me up when I got out at 9pm. I was having regular contractions by that point about every 10 minutes apart, and it gradually got closer together. The next morning I called in to work (well, one job...I have two) I called my OB/GYN to see if I could go in and see if I was actually in labor. When I got there it was 10am and they checked and said I wasn't even dilated and that I would "know" when it was the real thing....needless to say I continued to have contractions for the remainder of the day but went to work anyway thinking it wasn't the "real thing". So on Thursday I was still having contractions but figured it was nothing but they were soooo bad I couldn't handle going to work; especially working 60 hrs per I just hung out at home trying to deal with the pain. I hadn't even lost my mucous plug so I tried going for a walk to help the labor along (my dad wouldn't let me go alone, so he went with me). We walked for about 45 minutes and the contractions started getting closer together; about 7 minutes. I went to the bathroom and voila! there was my mucous plug!! This made me really happy so I decided a while later I would go for another mom went with me this time....this walk was a lot shorter because the contractions were getting closer and more painful...I decided I needed to go to the hospital because it was after hours and I needed to see if it was finally the real thing...
I went home, took a quick shower and my mom drove me to the hospital around 6:30pm (which is 30 minutes from our house). My husband was working about an hour away...I told him to wait until he heard from me before he left work because I didn't wanna make him leave work for nothing as he is the manager there. In the car I noticed that the contractions were about 2 minutes apart...but I still didn't think it was the real thing since the Dr. told me the day before that I wasn't in labor. So I got there and asked them to check and see if it was the real thing...the nurse said to me "Oh honey, tell your husband to get here now; you're 8cm" So of course I start freaking out because I know by this point there's no option for pain meds whether I wanted them or not and that he might not make it on I called him and told him it was go time. I made my mom stay in the delivery room with me until he got there just in case. By 7pm I was 10cm and ready to start pushing but he wasn't there yet...they asked if I wanted to wait for him or start pushing...I told them I really wanted him to be there, especially since it was our first I waited for 20 minutes for him to show up...he finally got there and I started sort of seems like a haze at this point, but I remember thinking "oh my gosh, I think I might die!" lol. It was very discouraging because through all the pain I couldn't tell how much progress was actually being made...I felt like I was pushing and pushing and nothing was happening. I pushed for 47 minutes and at 8:07pm our little boy was born...he was 7lbs 7oz and 20in and absolutely perfect!!!
Afterward they couldn't get all of my placenta out and I had to have surgery for a DNC to get the rest out and I tore during birth and had to have stitches....those were the most peaceful 2hrs of sleep I got for the entire 9 months before and 5 weeks since lol....Recovery was a little rough the first couple weeks but I feel great now and love spending time with my little prince....unfortunately I go back to work at the end of this week...not sure how I can make it through the day without seeing his sweet face!!
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