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November 25th, 2012, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by kristiemarie518 View Post
I'm kind of proud to be able to post here.

My first, I was induced with pitocin and had an epi. Some complications during delivery with my dds heart rate but the labor itself was easy because I didn't feel anything. I labored for 5 and a half hours and pushed for 20.minutes. my recovery time was long, painful and difficult emotionally. I looked like I'd been hit by a truck. I couldn't get out of bed for a day or shower on my own at first.

My second, I fully intended on an epi but my little darling had other plans. I made it to the hospital 45 minutes before she was born. The pain of this labor was awful. I think probably because I was not ready to labor without drugs and couldn't get myself together. I seriously can't describe how terrible it was for me. My water broke and labor progressed so quickly. I labored for 4 hours and pushed for maybe 5 minutes. However, my recovery has been faster, less painful and much easier, despite having a second degree tear. I was up walking around hours after delivery. I felt great.

I don't know if I could go into labor with the intent of being unmediated but I'm pretty proud to say I've done it.course I'm also only 2 weeks pp and its still fresh. Lol I assume it would be different if I had been under control during my labor. You ladies who choose it ROCK!
Haha. Two weeks postpartum after each of my natural births, I kind of had the attitude of "Ugh." I had a little bit of birth high, but also a bit of aversion as well. It fades. And the benefits are amazing. Great job at a freakishly awesome labor! Yay for healthy mama and healthy baby!
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