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November 28th, 2012, 02:07 PM
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My advice. DO NOT put it off because of scary internet stories.

There are lots of terrifying stories all over the net about every med you could possibly think of. There is no way to know what will work until you try, and the odds of you having such a drastic reaction are super super small

I have been on several - lexapro, wellbutrin, effexor, paxil and a few others. Every single one had super scary stories. The only one I've ever had a bad effect from was wellbutrin.
Lexapro gave me the least side effects of all of them. And it worked. I felt like a weight was lifted. Please don't put off something that could be sooo helpful to you because you see reviews on the internet! I almost did with effexor and it would have been a huge mistake.

I take effexor xr now because after so long the lexapro was less effective (normal with any antidepressant). I am on the third dosing up of effexor and someday I'm sure I will have to try another new thing. I have a lifelong depressive disorder and will need a med forever. It took a long time to come to terms with that, but the meds make me normal. There is nothing wrong with needing a med to make your brain work right.
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