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December 19th, 2012, 12:16 PM
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Reviving this thread to gush some more about acupuncture (lol).

I went yesterday to see my lady before the winter break, and she had a different supervisor with her - apparently, she is the one that deals with fertility! So that was awesome. She asked me like 20 questions about my health and my period, looked at my chart (she agrees that my luteal phase is fine) and then we did an awesome treatment and she gave me some crazy herbs.

I have done this kind before - dissolve in hot water, drink quickly. This stuff is spicy though! It's crazy. I like it though, I'm hoping it does good things for me. It's this: Wen Jing Tang (Warm the Menses Decoction) - Chinese/TCM Formula in a slightly different combination, and without the E Jiaou since I asked for my formulations to be vegetarian (we keep kosher at home and anything with animals in them gets to be a problem).

She was also really hopeful for me, so I'm hopeful. I am SO much warmer just after one dose. We'll see what happens, right?

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