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December 28th, 2012, 05:03 PM
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Hi, I am very confused right now, I usually have pretty regular periods, then last month (November 23rd) I started my period...5 days early, and now its December 28th and I havent started yet, on the 20th of December I spotted once and thats been it, I have taken 2 test and both have been negative(1 just now) and its still negative????? Am I just having an off month and not going to start at all???? I have been having headaches,alittle nausea, bad acne, and a yeast infection, not sure whats going on. I had a HSG test done and they said that one fallopian tube is completely open, but the other they can't tell, but more than likely its open too, the dye just went for the most least resistant path, anyway, not sure what to think right now, any suggestions will be greatly appriciated, thanks....keepingthefaith76!
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