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January 6th, 2013, 02:14 PM
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Who here has had both a medicated (pain meds) and a non-medicated birth?
I have! I've had four hospital births and three home births.

What sort of medication did you have?
My oldest was 15 weeks early, so they gave me meds to try to stall labor, help me calm down- I don't honestly know what all they gave me. I had an epidural for my second labor, and I hated it. I wanted a drug-free birth for my third, but was given pain med via IV against my consent. Fourth was drug-free hospital birth, and the rest were born at home with no interventions.

Which birth was "easier"?
My homebirths were much less traumatic and very much more rewarding personally as well as being easier to recover from physically. I "needed" an episiotomy and stitches for each of my hospital births, yet never had a single tear when delivering at home. The only exception is the afterpains which I swear get worse every time... by 12 hours after giving birth THAT'S when I'm wishing I had drugs, LOL!
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