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January 15th, 2013, 08:51 PM
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We talked.

Woody asked, if the test came back normal, would it give us all the answers (the home SA test). I said no it would not. He asked if I was still going to stick him on supplements. I said yes. (rofl)

So his choice is to forgo the home test (Sperm Check test, tells you if count is over or below 20 million sperm), he will take the supplements (CoQ10 100mg, Vitamin E 325ish mg, and Omegas *still research to do on omegas, he takes some now*) until he can get a real SA done. He would rather not have me stressing out over a home test that really doesn't give us any real answers. He is willing to accept that he probably has some dumb swimmers from his condition, but he does feel that at this point, he can only be part of the problem because of my cycles.

I get to get my thyroid under control. Lose 10% of my body weight (I'm thinking more like 20-25%). Find a good Prenatal with all the essentials in it, take 600mg CoQ10, 750mg (total) vitamin C, 600mg Vitamin E, Extra B6, Find an Omega supplement and eat flax. Do the progesterone test BEFORE I start all the stuff listed above. I get to find an OB or RE, and get this **** started.

I would like to have an hsg done. I've had a surgical termination, and at least one female in my family has Endo. Unless regulating my thyroid fully fixes all the woes I've had with AF... I think going in and starting anything MA with out knowing what's happening in there would just be a full waste of money.

I feel better. I feel like I have a plan.. and the plan doesn't just involve me doing vitamins...

Am I missing anything? This is all before he gets home. After he gets home we'll either go with Dr suggestions (meds etc) or we'll go back to Vitex and Maca.
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