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January 17th, 2013, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Frozenoj View Post
I think that when people use grammar that is so far off from mine, it is difficult to read. Maybe my privileged while people grammar is hard for them to read too. I won't call people out on their grammar because I don't see how that is going to help, but I will skip past posts that are hard for me to read.

I can't say much about privileged white people, half of my graduating class, all of whom had the same education (though their home life may have differed) write terribly. They speak fine, but for some reason it doesn't happen when they write. I can't figure out if it's laziness or what.... but seriously sometimes I've wondered just how these people managed to pass their final English exam. Some of these kids took advanced courses and were in the top 50 grade wise.

I don't type perfectly, I do try though. I type very quickly, and am prone to typos. On JM it's not a huge deal, I can edit and go back. On Facebook I often don't care, I still communicate better than about 90% of my friends. My grammar sucks, and I know it. Not nearly enough time was spent on proper technique, I learned more about basic grammar and the parts of speech in French class than in English.
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