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January 25th, 2013, 03:13 PM
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What are your favorite smells/scents? Vanilla, Orange, Peppermint
Do they bring back memories for you? If so, what? Not really. I just like the way they make me feel
What are your least favorite smells/scents? LAVENDER!!!!!!!!!! *gag*
Do they bring back memories for you? If so, what? yup, fell into a lavender patch... took months for the smell to go away.
What are your favorite perfumes/colognes? None. We wear nothing scented, but I would wear natural vanilla scent if I had some.
~TTC #1 together 3 years and counting ~

Currently trying naturally while saving for IUI

Me: Hashi's, PCOS,Multiple miscarriages Polypectomy-08/21/14 Laproscopy-12/05/2014
Him: MFI low count, low morphology, low motillity Vitamins started August 2nd.
Cycle 1&2: Clomid cd 3-7 bfn Cycle 3: Lap on cd 2 - Femara cd 3-7 - bfn
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