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January 25th, 2013, 11:06 PM
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Has AF returned since having baby? yes unfortunatly, I to thought it wouldn't come since im EBF

If so; how old was baby when you got AF? I had a more then spotting but less then a flow when he hit 3 months that lasted a day and a half ish but im not really counting that one. But now when he hit 4 months it was an offical flow way heaver then ive ever had (minus pp bleeding) and it was about 8-9 days long so im counting that one lol

Are you EBF, FF or both? EBF, hes a boob man

Has baby started solids? yes and hes lovin it!

Is baby sleeping through the night? yes, he wasent for a while, I dont think just milk was filling him up enough but after we started solids hes started sleeping through the night again

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