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January 26th, 2013, 03:43 PM
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Cd 12. Opk's getting nicely darker. Using preseed, taking my meds. BDing as a married couple should.... I don't have any hopes for this cycle...I'm almost so laid back I don't care. lol

But we have a sick kid on our hands. We've not yet figured out what's wrong with him other than a stuffy nose, but he's barely left his dad's lap, feels warm (temp reading fine), barely eating, and wont let go of his sock monkey. I have a dozen things I could drug him with for a dozen illnesses... but nothing to help clear his nose. oi. He slept like crap last night too...

Of course this means that I'll end up with what ever he has, I do every time. I got sick during Ovulation last cycle too. *sigh*
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