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January 30th, 2013, 10:04 AM
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8 days til Jakaira is 8 months old!!!!

So for one week l was in a mental ward (for the 2nd time
in my life time) I have been diagnosed with Bi Polar. I was
taking the medicine in the hospital and it works....but hubby
& I believe in Jesus, prayed about it
and decided that is who l will get my healing from. cause those
meds are the opposite of breastfeeding and pregnancy.
(it was no easy decision) and I do not recommend this for others.
Also will be seeing a Phycitrist(spell check) as well as a counselor.
starting in Feb. I am exited about that. Going to be asking about
sleeping pills that is safe for breastfeeding & pregnancy. March
I want to set something up with the Sleep study so l get a
prognosis. In the mental ward l had a dream about being pregnant
with number 2 and getting newborn clothes for him/her.... I was so
so happy and the dream felt so real. I just got out of the hospital
yesterday... My miraculous recovery actually started after 2 days
of being @ the hospital ( I really think I am in a spiritual warfare )
My phyc. actually said my journey has been a miraculous one.
So after getting out of the hospital yesterday (vacation) I realize
that my ovulation day is tomorrow Ironic if you ask me
it was hard being away from hubby& baby for a week but we needed
that. l made a lot of friends and realize l havent been having fun.
i wonder how much jakaira weighs now. im happier now yaw. exited about life oct 25, 2013 would be my edd.
I have a DD & TTC a Boy! & tt lose weight
April 29,15 will be 12weeks of taking Vitex.
after that, I just take one pill per day.

Jan Charlie 6 Lorenzo 6 Tamara 2, Arielle 10 months Lillian 5 months.Feb Charlie 6 Lorenzo 6 Tamara2,Arielle 11months Lillian 6 months
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May Charlie 6 Lorenzo 6 Tamara 3 Arielle 1ys Lillian 9 mos
June my daughter turns 3,Charlie 6 lorenzo 6 Tamara3 Arielle 1 Lillian 10mos
July Charlie 6 lorenzo 6 Tamara 3 Arielle 1 Lillian 11 months
Aug Charlie 6 lorenzo 6 tamara 3 arielle 1ys old Lillian 1
Sept Charlie 7 Lorenzo 7 tamara 3 arielle 1ys Lillian 1ys

to get things like fertilityblend (check!
*We currently take Geritol. Check!
*Conceive Plus by Sasmar Check!
Welcome Womb(check!)
progesterone supplements

ClearBlue Fertility monitor and fertility monitor test strips by ClearBlue.
I am considering to buy that.
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