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February 10th, 2013, 09:55 AM
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I haven't started a journal in the DDC yet. With all these miscarriages under my belt I feel more comfortable here. NTNP still just in case.

I'm feeling acid reflux for sure now. I wake up feeling pretty good. Take a Pepsid, drink some juice, take my prenatals. Feel GREAT. Then I eat, and I have a burp fest for the rest of the day. lol Feels so queasy then I burp. But if this is what I deal with instead of nausea, I will take it!

This pregnancy just feels so different. My blighted ovums didn't give me much of anything. At 10 days late, I felt better than regular not pregnant. With my girls I felt like I had several rounds of chemo a day. This one is just reflux. I really don't mind, and I rejoice that this is all I'm dealing with at the moment. I'm even able to do chores, crafts, and go out to eat. It's amazing!

I wonder if I have it this good because I prayed for God's Will. With my first child I was SPECIFIC. A mother of an autistic child told me she prayed for "healthy," and her son is as healthy as a horse. So I made a list:

his black hair
my green eyes
his height
not his swayback
a penis
mostly B's with the occasional A or C
a musician
good at a sport
follows God

What I got:

my hair
his eyes
a hoohoo
loves music
horrible at sports
talks to angels
has Autism

So with my second and some humility I asked for:

Healthy body, healthy brain! Valentine's Day is a plus.

I got a girl with

his hair
my eyes
his height
no swayback
loves music
is well coordinated
no Autism
born February 14, 2012!

This time I wasn't trying for a baby. I did pray during the TWW that if God wanted me to be pregnant, that would be awesome, and I still love You, God, even if I'm not.

I'm curious how this child will turn out. Halfway curious if there is a child in there. lol I hope to hear the heartbeat soon. I have my first appointment and fingering session on February 20th. I'm going to ask for the doppler first.

Three on Earth and seven in Heaven. Hoping to get knocked up in 2016. Sometimes.
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