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February 12th, 2013, 06:12 PM
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I need help figuring out what to do my last period was December 28 2012 an 2weeks after that i started feeling nausea an sore breast then 2more weeks i started geting acne peeing a lot light cramps in legs when it got time for my period January 24 i kept feeling wet thought myperiod was coming but just a watery discharge an once discharge with a little brown an pinkish color but no more now its February 12 still no period its due on the 21 ok took lot's of hpt some negative some positive went to drs.did urine an blood test negative ok did ultersound said i had thick lining an seen something might could be a sac but to small to tell then did hcg test drs say no signs of pregnant ok my systom are geting worse more the nausea certain smells make me sick I've been pregnant 12times have 6 kids i feel pregnant i no what it feels like but now with everything negative im not 100% sure so i need advice thanks in Advanced
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