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February 13th, 2013, 09:46 AM
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I have been tracking my menstrual cycle for the past few months and they have been as follow.
Sept 11 2012 29
Oct 9 2012 30
Nov 2 2012 33
Dec 10 2012 32
Jan 9 2013 i noticed I was spotting late the night bef. 31

155/5= 31
So may average cicle day is 31
Today is Feb 13 and I have not had my period. it's officially 4 days late. Im on day 35. I have taken 2 test, one on day 3 neg. and figuered I would wait for the morning urine to take the next text and still Neg. I did feel some stomach pain like when I'm getting my periot but nothing happend, I also felt some nipple sore but nothing yet. I have one test left and don't want to use it untill another 2 days. That's if i can wait. I'm a mother of 2 and have been really trying for my 3rd which I never thought I was going to see myself going thru this. with my 2 babis i got possitive 3 before. I have read a few storys that really keeps me going but others are no more than the cycle playing games. * I will update every day untill I get my period or a possitive result.. Wish me luck.

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